​​​​​​​Reference Art:
When I was originally tasked with designing Norma, the only concrete facts about her were that she is in her forties and is Osage Native American. Therefore, I was given a lot of creative freedom with her design. I spent several hours finding pictures of older Osage women to use as reference for Norma.
Concept Art:
After drawing Norma' s face, I then had to decide on a hairstyle for her. I knew that she would be laying in a cryo chamber so her hairdo needed to be something comfortable to sleep in.
I also needed to design the cryo suit she would be sleeping in. It needed to be futuristic but also comfortable. I came up with three different designs that our team would vote on.
We decided on the third outfit for Norma. The other artists and I also had a meeting to discuss the color palette for the game which I tested on Norma's new clothes.
It was then revealed that 21 year old Norma would also be present in the game so I worked on designing her younger self. The designers wanted her to be a bit edgier so that she looked tougher.
Progress Video:
This video shows my progress on younger Norma's model.
UVs and Textures:
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